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Here you can check availability of rentamanor properties.

Dates shown in green indicates a property is available, red indicates that property is reserved or unavailable at least on the night of that date.

If the property you are interested in happens to be reserved or unavailable on your desired dates, please consider an alternative available property suitable to your party - all rentamanor properties are fabulous and ideal locations for celebrations and events.

More than one property may be booked for larger groups and discounted tariffs may be available for small groups in large properties. Please contact us for further information.

 July 2019 
St Lawrence Manor
Sleeps 1-18 (or 25 max)
St Lawrence Dene
Sleeps 1-16 (or 20 max)
Appley Beach House
Sleeps 1-16 (or 19 max)
Rocklands Manor
Sleeps 1-18 (or 22 max)
Highland Manor
Enchanted Manor
Sleeps 1-20 (or 24 max)
Sleeps 1-2

Property is reserved or unavailable
Property is available